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Ruddocks‘ passion for sustainability has been growing for over 15 years now; mainly through a love of the natural world, a desire to eradicate waste from our lives, whether that be physical, or time bound and a dream to be the best at what we do and to do it in the right way.

Our journey started with a realisation that we were already doing lots of things to minimise our impacts, so we endeavoured to formalise this practice and set upon achieving ISO14001 certification, something we have now retained since 2008.

Through this environmental management system, we have driven ourselves to continually improve upon our impacts. We have replaced lighting systems, moving our fleet over to hybrid cars, swapped out plastic based packaging materials and share our knowledge with others through educational talks.

Our FSC® certification (FSC-C001879), which we’ve held since 2011, reinforces our stance and demonstrates our commitment to sourcing paper from responsible sources.

At the beginning of 2021 we committed to Carbon Capturing all our core materials by signing up to two schemes, one through the Woodland Trust and the other The World Land Trust.

In practice this means that for every tonne of paper we buy, and we buy quite a lot, we pay into the two schemes to plant trees and protect natural woodland here in the UK and around the world.

And now, because we never rest on our laurels and because no matter what we achieve we will always strive to be better, we’re getting our carbon footprint professionally measured so we can be sure we are accurate and we’re then going for it.

We’re going for the big fat 0. 

Who aims to get a zero? We do if you’re talking about carbon and making the world a more sustainable place, so we are going for carbon neutral by 2030. Sooner if we can.

We know that this won’t be an easy task and it will be a long journey, but we are 100% committed and have the people in place to make sure we deliver against this promise.

It doesn’t stop there, our passion for creating a more sustainable world extends even beyond our own business, and as such we want to help others to do things differently. With this in mind we were delighted to launch the first edition of ‘The Paper’ in August 2021.

‘The Paper’ is our guide to making marketing and communications more sustainable and is packed full of practical hints, tips, articles and stories that we hope will bring value during your own journey. It can be requested here.

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