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Now’s the time for your business to develop a clear action plan to reach net zero and help achieve the UK’s ambitious goal.

We realise that starting your journey to net zero can be daunting but together with BCC we can provide insights, tools and support to help you build a greener future for your business.

In 2019, the UK made a legally binding pledge: to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

The science is clear – the next decade is critical for action on climate – and with growing public concern and increasing scrutiny from government and investors, now’s the time for businesses like yours to ramp up its efforts in reaching net zero and help achieve the UK’s ambitious goal!

Take a look below for help with funding for businesses and private individuals, read guides and resources to get inspired and learn how you can help.
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British Power Group helps businesses to beat rising energy costs – with fully funded solutions

Leading sustainable energy provider British Power Group is seeing high demand for its cost-effective energy-saving solutions, at zero-capital cost – including solar panels, voltage optimisation and EV charging– as businesses look for ways to crack down on spiralling UK energy costs.

The company, based in Kirmington, Lincolnshire can help businesses to lock in their energy costs at around 13.5p, whilst helping them to incorporate greener measures into their sustainability framework, with its highly effective zero-capital cost solutions.

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Green Decoder

74% of smaller businesses don’t understand how net zero relates to them, recent research by the British Business Bank found.

That’s why they have launched Green Decoder, a simple and straightforward guide to help smaller businesses take steps towards sustainability.

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Green Tourism Toolkit

Visit Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council have launched the Green Tourism Toolkit to inspire and support more businesses to implement sustainable practices for a greener future, attracting eco-tourism into the county.

The Toolkit is a new user-friendly and easily accessible resource that provides businesses with straightforward steps to inspire the county’s tourism sector to become measurably greener.

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Green savings calculator

UK businesses could benefit from millions of pounds in new savings and dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, thanks to a new green calculator from O2.

This calculator helps to identify ways to save money and reduce carbon emissions from flexible working.

Government resources

In 2019, the UK Government and the devolved administrations committed to the net zero target as recommended by the Climate Change Committee.

Find out more about the resources available to your business via the government resources, including grant schemes, support, switching to EV and more.

Simple Energy Advice

Impartial and independent advice to help you reduce energy bills, make your home warmer, plan home improvements or make your home greener. Find grants, loans, and other initiatives.

Other useful resources – British Chambers of Commerce

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