A Woman’s World




Thinking of starting up your own business?

Bored with your job, not utilising all your skills and not being fulfilled?

Struggling with your business and getting your voice heard

Fear of failure, stuck, what’s stopping you develop your dream…

A Woman’s World is an entire day dedicated to Women in Business taking place from 9am to 4.15pm on 19th June at the newly refurbished fabulous Barn at The Barnsdale, Rutland.

Join us for a day of rediscovering yourself and learning from women in business experts, who can empathise with your situation. The day will be a fantastic opportunity to network, collaborate, learn, relax, be inspired and provide you with the confidence to grow your business;, be well, happy and successful.

  • Relax with Yoga
  • Getting To Know You Network Session
  • The Power of Networking
  • De-Stress The Mind & Body With Hypnotherapy
  • Using The Right Marketing Tools For Your Business
  • Food For Thought
  • Natural Remedies For A Healthier You
  • Building Confidence With Your Wardrobe
  • Healthy Food Demo ‘Eat Healthier Without Compromising On Taste’
  • Be Empowered!
  • Becoming A Heart Led Leader
  • Making Social Media Easier
  • Goal setting is an essential tool in your business toolkit.

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