Rutland Business Network

Join us for this great opportunity for local businesses in Rutland and the surrounding area to come together, connect and build their local network.

Of course there will be a great chance to meet, collaborate and network with other businesses in a welcoming and relaxed meeting.

Please feel free to extend this invitation to colleagues and other local businesses.

Tickets cost £17.50 per person, including bowl food and one drink.

P lease email any special requests or dietary requirements to:

Ask the Experts – Rutland Business Network session

In an interactive discussion our panel will give their thoughts on this key subject and then we will open the floor for discussion and questions. Expect an engaging interactive session with lots of questions to answer


The Empowerment Journey

Both men and women can benefit from being empowered to recognise and overcome their own and societal restraints to achieve personal and professional growth.

For men, it often includes challenging traditional gender roles and embracing emotional intelligence. For women, it focuses on overcoming biases, achieving gender equality, effects of the menopause and returning to the workplace. Both journeys require support systems, mentorship, and continuous learning. Our panel will discuss and offer practical advice on how we can work together to understand and overcome some of the issues felt especially by women in business and dealing with the challenges involved with transitioning from corporate world to self-employed.’

Nick Johnston-Davis

Nick Johnston-Davis, a prominent advocate for personal and professional empowerment, is the co-founder of Unstoppabl – dedicated to helping individuals break through societal and personal barriers to achieve their fullest potential. With a rich background founded in over two decades as a business consultant in the public and private sector as well as the military, Nick has devoted his career to challenging the ‘traditional’ and promoting equality.

His work emphasises the importance of mentorship, support systems, and continuous learning for both women and men. Nick’s insights are invaluable for those seeking to navigate and overcome the unique challenges faced in the workplace, particularly those related to gender biases, menopause, and the reintegration into professional life.

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Nicola D. Cross

Nicola is a Business Strategist & Coach passionate about empowering solopreneurs to transform their businesses.

Her mission Is to liberate business owners from endless work-weeks for mediocre profits.

With her knowledge and business experience she guides clients towards a balanced life whilst increasing profitability.

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Judith Hamilton

Judith is a passionate advocate for property & financial matters for business people and has also recently set up the Grow Her Business Online Membership Community which helps women in business move their business forward

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