Rutland Business Summit


Businesses in Rutland and surrounding areas are invited to attend the Rutland Business Summit, taking place 29th February 2024.

This free event takes place at Rutland Hall Hotel, in Oakham, from 8.30am to 2pm on Thursday 29th February.

The summit gives businesses the chance to meet, network and understand the opportunities available to innovate and support the growth of their business. Delegates can also interact with stakeholders and learn more about innovative business concepts and relevant business support, guidance, and networking available for local businesses. Confirmed Stakeholders attending include:

  1. Rutland County Council
  2. Rutland Chamber of Commerce
  3. Growth Hub advisor team
  4. Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
  5. Two Chimps Coffee
  6. The Careers Hub
  7. Rutland Business Network  
  8. Rutland Hall Hotel  
  9. Warners Sweets

This is a brilliant opportunity for local businesses, who are looking to innovate, share knowledge, collaborate and grow both in the UK or overseas!

Key themes for the event include:

  • Investment in Rutland and it’s businesses 
  • Innovation 
  • Growth through business support 

There will also be networking opportunities, offering delegates the chance to discuss the main issues and topics affecting their businesses whilst making new connections.

Anyone wanting to attend the Rutland Business Summit can register below.

This event is in partnership with Rutland County Council.

Event Agenda

8.00am – 8.30am: Arrival and Networking Breakfast

8.30am – 9.00am: Welcome, overview and event agenda

9.00am – 9.30am: Talk on the Economic Strategy / UKSFP by the Rutland County Council

9.30am – 10.15am: Talk on Raising Your Brand / Sales Development by Rupert Turton, Action Coach

30 Minute Break: Stakeholder Exhibition – Everyone is invited to meet and chat with local Stakeholders.

10:45am – 11.30am: Talk on Sleep for High Performance by Ryan and Nick, Unstoppabl

11.30am – 12-15pm: Talk on Business Lincolnshire Advisory Support & Your Business Boost by Business Lincolnshire

Networking Lunch

13.00pm -13-45pm: Talk on Topic Practical Sales Development & Strategy for Growth by David O’Brien

Meet some of our Speakers below:

Guy Lewis, Business Lincolnshire

Guy started his working career as a sponsored student with Granada Television and continued working in that sector managing large numbers of employees, controlling significant capital budgets, and managing a multimillion-pound business through 20 years in the media business with ITV. Guy started his own business in 2004, working as a technology consultant on worldwide technology, and UK IT projects. Subsequently he has worked on many business support programmes across the North of England and delivered, through 1-2-1 coaching, video enabled webinars and virtual peer to peer leadership events, growth strategies helping businesses achieve their growth ambitions. He provides coaching and support around strategic growth, implementing change and introduction of new technology.

Guy is the technology specialist adviser for Business Lincolnshire, providing assistance through the programme on all areas of digital technology.

Guy also leads the “Your business Boost” business support programme which delivers a cohort-based support programme to businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors based in GT Lincolnshire and Rutland.

At the Rutland Business Summit 2024, Guy will be giving more details of the digital support provision delivered through Biz Lincs and also an insight into the “Your Business Boost” programme.

Ryan and Nick, Unstoppabl

Championing Wellbeing and Peak Performance For You and Your Business

Unstoppabl is a pioneering organisation dedicated to championing wellbeing and peak performance for individuals and businesses. With a mission to help everyone look great, feel confident, and live healthily, Unstoppabl takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Their philosophy centres on understanding the ‘why’ behind various aspects of wellbeing and then empowering people to optimise their performance in work, sports, and everyday life.

The cornerstone of Unstoppabl’s philosophy is the belief that achieving peak performance and wellbeing requires a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s physical, emotional, social, and financial aspects. This multidimensional approach ensures that every aspect of an individual’s life is addressed, leading to more sustainable and impactful results.

Revitalise Your Reality: Mastering Sleep for Enhanced Health and Peak Performance

A comprehensive exploration of the intricate relationship between quality sleep and performance, presenting strategies to optimise sleep patterns for maximum productivity and overall wellbeing.

Click here to find out more about Unstoppabl.

Rupert Turton, ActionCOACH Oakham and Kettering

Along with his wife Angela, Rupert owns ActionCOACH Oakham. Working with Business Owners and Leaders to identify the opportunities to engage and develop their business to grow more rapidly than they would working on their own.

During his career as a senior leader, Rupert has mentored teams to get the best result for both the customer and the company, and created teams for both sales pursuit and operational delivery for medium-sized businesses to large corporates. With exposure to all aspects of management covering marketing, sales, operations, HR, legal, finance, IT, and logistics he knows how businesses work, knowledge he now loves to pass on as part of ActionCOACH.

During this session Rupert will be discussing why businesses should be Raising their Brand and how that assists with Sales. Starting with why a business’s brand is so important to their success and how it impacts on marketing and other areas of the business. Then moving on to how brand assists with sales, especially as marketing has over recent years moved to drive so much of the sales process.

You will leave Rupert’s session with;

  1. An understanding of why your brand is so important to your business success.
  2. Some practical ideas to help you improve your brand in the market.
  3. An understanding of how to build your sales process.
  4. Some common sense ideas of how to monitor your marketing and sales.

David O’Brien, The Consulting Room

David O’Brien works with small businesses across Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire to help them achieve clarity on their strategic objectives and day-to-day focus. With many years’ experience in Sales, Operations, L&D and people management, David adapts to the needs of the client with one recently describing him as “sounding board, sense check, voice of reason, coach, mentor, advisor, connector, accountability partner, friend.”

After 17 years in senior roles with healthcare technology leader EMIS, David has been working directly with SME’s for 7 years and in 2021 set up The Consulting Room with Michael Hardy to provide consultancy, training and resources for small business owners and their teams.

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