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Businesses must act now – by changing our behaviour, implementing changes to drive sustainable outcomes, reduce business cost, energy use and carbon footprint to ensure prosperity for future generations.

Our virtual Be Business Smart: Cut Costs and Carbon exhibition on Wednesday 30th September in partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council‘s Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire brings you insights, inspiration, helpful advice, 1-2-1 support and importantly grant funding!

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Exhibitors can host a promotional video of their company or they can interact live with ‘visitors’ to their exhibition booth.

Delegates can ‘click around’ the virtual exhibition the same as they would ‘walk around’ a physical one, visiting stands, attending talks and networking.

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Speaker Bios and Event Descriptions

9:30am – Take to the Stage: Business Landscape in the Changing World. Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Professor Heck, IfaS

The presentation will explore circular economy which focuses on designing out waste, reduction of carbon and keep material and products in use to build a sustainable future. It will discuss how businesses can implement strategies to reduce carbon and add regional value.

Speaker: Prof. Dr Peter Heck, IfaS

Professor Heck is the Managing Director and one of the founders for IfaS. His area of expertise lies within Applied Material flow management, which is looking into how we can get the best use out of resources, such as energy and raw materials. A world-renowned speaker, this is certainly not an opportunity to miss to learn from one of the leading sustainability experts in the world.

10:00am Support Session: Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire Grant Funding
Anthony Gough, Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire is supporting SMEs in the Greater Lincolnshire area to reduce cost, energy and carbon emissions. Come along to the discussion to find out about the grant funding available to help your businesses invest in energy saving measures.

The programme also offers a wide range of support, working closely with IfaS to offer bespoke support through audits, repots and webinars. Don’t miss your chance to see what is available to you!

Speaker: Antony Gough Programme Director for Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire

Antony is an experienced project manager and skilled facilitator specialising in resource efficiency, environmental management and sustainability. He has over 20 years experience supporting and advising businesses, local authorities and other stakeholders in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors to develop more sustainable practices.

10:30am Take to the Stage: Designing Buildings with Sustainability in Mind
Richard Tibenham, Greenlite Building Physics

The presentation will briefly discuss achieving energy efficiency without compromising thermal comfort. Exploring areas such as emerging trends, thermal modelling, construction fabric and top tips to help you get the best from your building.

Speaker: Richard Tibenham, Director for Greenlite Building Physics

Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the stage. Director for Greenlite Building Physics, the brand lives by ‘Design out risk. Design in comfort’. They specialise in providing low-energy solutions to meet thermal comfort challenges, such as overheating. Richard, is currently a Commissioner for Lincoln Climate Change Commission, an Associate Lecturer for Lincoln University and has previous experience as an Architectural Technician. Don’t miss your change to learn from one of the best experts in the industry.

10:30am Support Session: Improve your Heating and Reduce Cost
Christoph Dohm, IfaS

Heating systems can have a huge impact on your energy bill. This presentation will discuss the best efficient systems on the market from boilers, heat pumps to infrared heating panels.

The topic will also explore the benefits of district heating and how it could be a benefit to your business.

Speaker: Christoph Dohm, IfaS

IFAS are world renowned leading experts in energy and material flow management. With a broad range of expertise at their fingertips they help businesses, industries and authorities to add value while increasing efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.

11:00am Take to the Stage: Build Back Better: A Greener Future


Richard Jones, Amelio Solar Energy

Professor Heck, IfaS
Steff Wright, Gusto Homes
Lee Marshall, Viridis Building Services

The Chancellor has announced £3bn fund to build back greener, but what does that look like? How will we do it? Hear from a range of expects in the field of sustainability about how we will prepare for a greener future and what that looks like.

11:30 Take to the Stage: Business Case Studies

Case studies:

Christoph Dohm, IFAS
Bacchus Hotel
Lincolnshire Rural Activity Centre

11:30am Support Session: How to get the best from your lighting
Gustavo Garcia, IfaS

The presentation will look at the latest technologies exploring areas such as LED lighting and sensors to help you reduce cost and carbon. The topic will also share top tips on how to improve employee comfort and mood through light colours and brightness.

Speaker: Gustavo Garcia, IfaS

IFAS are world renowned leading experts in energy and material flow management. With a broad range of expertise at their fingertips they help businesses, industries and authorities to add value while increasing efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint.

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