Trading with Ukraine & Russia

We are working with the British Chambers of Commerce to consolidate feedback from businesses who are affected by the Ukraine/Russia conflict. 

If you were trading with Ukraine and/or Russia, please let us know at what level and how your business has suffered, we will ensure your feedback is registered with BCC and at senior government level.

Please submit your feedback via the form below.


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The British Chambers of Commerce have put together a practical guide for trade with Ukraine, Russia and Belarus which will be updated as the situation develops further. Click here to access the guide.

While it remains a moral and commercial decision for UK companies on what actions to take under any contracts with Russian (or Belarussian) customers or suppliers covering goods and services not under sanctions, it will become more difficult for any trade to be conducted within hours much less days.

The Chamber Network is pressing the UK government to produce guidance to UK business in terms of the War in Ukraine. For now, some of you have spoken with us about review of contracts which some member companies have conducted, in particular about any force majeure clauses which may cover war conditions, to cover non-performance of contractual terms while the force majeure conditions apply.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) recommend that concerned companies trading with Ukraine and Russia contact the Export Support Service (ESS) on 0300-303-8955.



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