Alison Harris – Wellness Coach

Alison Harris – Wellness Coach

I am a self-employed Wellness Coach based in Lincoln where I bring together my rich and varied life experiences and training to offer talks, workshops, online courses and one to one coaching both in private and corporate settings that are based on a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Since making changes to my own life, I’ve noticed that I now have more energy, strength, calmness, clarity, and peace of mind. I make better decisions, am more productive, my relationships have improved and I enjoy life more.

I began my career in London and Toronto, working for 10 years with pre-school children and their families before returning to Lincoln and training as a Lecturer in Child Care and Education where I enjoyed teaching students in a Further Education College for 22 years.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was shocked, devastated and frightened. However, the long and gruelling treatment regime gave me the opportunity to self-reflect and discover ‘why me’.

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I began to listen to my body and I realised I had been chronically stressed for many years, so much so, the symptoms had become the ‘norm’ and I had no idea the damage it was doing to my body. I started to make positive changes to my health and wellbeing and in particular, to reduce stress.

In 2015 I left teaching and took two years out to study. I trained as an NLP certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Coach and Trainer.

Alongside NLP, I also studied Nutritional Therapy at the College of Natural Medicine in London.

After two years of study and research, I became self-employed began to support others in becoming more aware of wellbeing, to guide, empower and inspire them to make the changes needed to improve their health through NLP and, if required, nutrition.

NLP blew my mind (pardon the pun!) I realised that unconscious thoughts, beliefs and language affect every area of our lives, our emotions, reactions and behaviour. I learned that, by using NLP coaching, I can help others who ‘get stuck’ in patterns of stress, anxiety and other unhelpful emotions, to find their own tools to greatly increase their mental wellbeing.

The practices are powerful and can lead to improvements in all areas of life, personally and professionally and I feel privileged to see huge shifts in mindset that lead to better mental, emotional and physical health.

In these times of stress, worry and pressure of our modern lifestyle, self-care has never been more important. I’m passionate about helping others to be at their best and live fulfilling lives.

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