Sean Barkes – Refinity Coaching

Sean Barkes – Refinity Coaching

I help business leaders, senior managers and other aspirational individuals make higher quality decisions, with more clarity, by challenging their unconscious assumptions and thought processes.

In labels, I’m an Executive Coach, Mentor, Business Consultant and Strategist but my particular specialism is the field of ‘thought crime’. I prefer to be recognised as Thought Coach, Unconscious Assumption Identifier, Faulty Thinking Detective and Habit Analyst.

I help people gain clarity of vision, translate that vision into specific goals, plan a pathway for their achievement and support them all the way along that pathway. To facilitate this process, I draw upon experience from healthcare, manufacturing, property development, retail, endurance athletics and martial arts.

Because of my extensive experience in the field of healthcare and human performance, I’m particularly interested in helping individuals and teams draw the dots between their psychological habits and their state of physical and mental  health. Once they’ve done that, life, both at work and at home, it’s so much more rewarding.

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ChamberConnect: Know Thyself – The Art of Self-leadership

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Know Thyself: the art of self-leadership and the relevance of purpose and meaning in business life and the business of life.

Sean Barkes of Refinity Coaching will raise important questions that encourage the search for ways in which the financial imperative of making a profit and the very human drive towards meaning and purpose can both be satisfied.

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A person’s greatest assets are their ideas. My niche is to uncover and nurture these ideas whilst helping clients achieve the clarity required to reach that critical level of confidence necessary to act decisively. I draw from my significant experience in healthcare, human performance, psychology and business to help in this process and my approach is holistic.

It may be worthwhile me articulating the ‘Active Ingredients’ of what I do. That is, the functional components of how I deliver my value (what I do and how I do it to achieve our objectives). In a word, it’s the unique set of experiences and intuition I have acquired from doing the same thing thousands of times with thousands of people over many years. More specifically:

– Rapport building skills
– Observational skills
– Questioning skills
– Analytical skills
– Framing skills
– Modelling skills

My first hand experience in multiple small businesses and large multinational corporations often comes in pretty handy, too.

Finally, I am a highly experienced Chi Kung and Tai Chi teacher. I teach these two ancient Chinese health preservation exercise systems as a means to help people achieve a state of physical and mental health that supports the process of lifelong learning. I help people and businesses understand how our health, productivity and performance are inextricably linked. Healthy people are creative, energetic and high performing. Ultimately, good health leads to good profit.

I am particularly interested in workplace and process design and their impact on human health, creativity and performance.

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