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Access exclusive rates on translation packages, services and projects with PAB Languages Centre


Correct and accurate translation services

As a Rutland Chamber of Commerce member, you have access to exclusive rates on translation packages, services and projects with our official translation services partner; PAB Languages Centre.

PAB Languages Centre can translate any of your documents into over 200 languages. Whether you require translation of a legal contract, medical records, contracts of employment, codes of conduct, quality assurance policies & practices, letters, technical documents, marketing materials, health & safety information or other workplace documentation, PAB will complete it for you quickly and accurately within a few days.

Such as:

Leaflets, Brochures and Business Cards

Product Catalogues, Menus, Reports and Presentations

Patents and Trade Marks 

Legal Agreements

Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates etc.

Letters, Emails, Newsletters and other correspondence documents

Medical documents and Medical Reports 

Handbooks, Company Training Procedures and Health & Safety Policies 

Translation Service Offer

PAB Languages Centre is pleased to offer a special competitive rate to all Lincolnshire Chamber members:

10% Discount on any translation projects and an additional 5% discount on multilingual projects for 3 and more languages.

A copy of documents will be required before any quotation will be made.

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Chamber Sema4 Product

Export support services include specialist market research, multilingual virtual secretary services, 121-clinics and trade mission assistance.

When you’re are looking beyond national borders for new opportunities, we can assist you along the way.

Sema4 through our own expertise and close partnerships in Europe supports exporters and helps UK businesses to identify opportunities, understand risks and challenges, connect and establish long lasting business relationships.

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