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As a Chamber member we want to support you!

We all know that threats are on the increase, but there are few solutions that are not only affordable for SME’s but also provide a high level of managed security.

We have partnered with Custodia Continuity to provide a fully managed security and compliance service to members at a substantially reduced price, covering the following core areas that every business needs to get right:

– The Security of your Systems and Data.
– The Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning.
– The Business Continuity Plan.
– The Data Protection, Privacy, Policies and Procedures.

The Service
Firstly, a secure, off-cloud, best practice based, open source system to allow genuinely safe, off-site and Air-Gapped* backups of all that confidential data.

Custodia will provide expertise in planning and support providing a single service that offers affordable managed disaster recovery and backup.

Added to that the essential extra ingredients of Data Protection, Privacy Compliance and Network Security and you have a perfectly supported recipe to make sure your business can get on with what you do best and leave the Security, Backup, Continuity and Compliance of essential data to the experts.

The Bottom Line
Chamber members (new and existing) are entitled to up to 30% discounts on Custodia Continuity’s fully managed service.

This could make a relationship through this Chamber Cyber Security offering as affordable as £300 a month!

All included – 24/7 support – All part of the service.

Custodia Continuity Expertise

20 Years of Computer Security Experience

Intrusion prevention, access logging, managed firewalls, daily backups, disaster recovery planning, comprehensive security, data privacy compliance, rogue employees, foreign hackers, viruses, malware, lost laptops, script kiddies – it’d be nice to know that’s all covered right?

All included – One relationship

Network Security
-Intrusion Detection
-Managed Firewall
-Network Logging
-Office Security consultancy (including mobile device management and data encryption)
-Working from Home security support
-Virtual Private Networking support
-Wireless Network Configuration

Backup Services
-Offline storage
-Ransomware secure
-Duplicated to two locations
-Backed up daily
-365 days of backups available
-Quarterly restore testing

Disaster Recovery
-Full DR planning
-Testing every six months
-Full support in a crisis
-Onsite data restore (we will drive your crucial data to you)

Data Privacy Compliance
-Policies written and updated
(IT Security, GDPR (DPA 2018),Data Retention, Subject Access, Modern Slavery, Money laundering)
-Staff handbooks
-Annual training for staff

What Happens Next

To do this properly takes a little time, with the estimation 8 – 12 weeks before you are fully on board.

A full Security Audit of your business alongside a Data Protection Audit, reporting back with recommendations to implement.

Security hardware will be installed, the backup process will be started and then deliver your policies, documents and staff training. It’s pretty painless.

How It Works

Custodia Continuity have over 20 years experience managing customers’ essential data and ensuring that information is protected. They have a wide experience in risk management and compliance and we do partner with privacy lawyers. All of our work is insurance backed so you can be safe in the knowledge that a relationship with us is as safe as the proverbial houses.

Specialising in working with SME’s, Custodia believe in leveling the playing field between the large organisations with huge IT departments and smaller, more nimble businesses.

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