Siemens Energy Case Study

Siemens Energy Industrial LTD are going the extra mile to look after their employees’ mental health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, through:


  • Mental health First Aiders
  • Wellbeing Newsletters
  • Employee assistance portal
  • Stress awareness training for all managers
  • Manager/Employee check ins (During the pandemic)

The benefits and outcomes of these initiatives are:

Through the Mental Health First Aiders, Siemens Energy employees have someone to discuss any wellbeing issues with, resulting in a reduction in stress and anxiety.

The wellbeing newsletter gives information on general wellbeing, healthy lifestyles, exercise, sleep, nutrition and more, which is immediately beneficial for the reader.

The stress awareness training helps managers identify any changes within employees, something which they will be able to pick up on quickly by knowing their team members well, and being able to give support immediately.

How did you implement these initiatives? How long did it take, what tools did you use?

Mental health First Aiders – Appointed a training provider, asked for volunteers to be MHFA, selected the volunteers, provided the training, set up monthly meetings to receive MHFA feedback and improvements

Wellbeing Newsletters – Newsletter released monthly wellbeing topics, stress, health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, topics of interested

Employee assistance portal – 24/7 employee support portal- online or phone

Stress awareness training for all managers – training provider to deliver training

Manager/Employee check ins (Pandemic) – regular calls with employees

Staff feedback

Line managers have given positive examples of identifying changes in employees (stress awareness) and supporting them in combating these issues.

The Wellbeing newsletter has received great feedback in lifestyle changes and interesting topics.

The Mental Health First Aiders have been offering support to many employees through the pandemic, who are suffering from isolation, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

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